AVer NDI®|HX PTZ Camera Solutions—NDI® Virtual Input

Designate your PTZ camera in Zoom, Google Hangouts™, Skype, Microsoft® Teams, GoToMeeting™, and many more platforms!

Why AVer?

AVer has introduced new IP-based NDI® cameras equipped with NDI®|HX capability to its pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera family. This addition includes an NDI® Virtual Input that allows AVer users to quickly and flexibly assign their PTZ310N or PTZ330N as the video input source in applications like Zoom, Google Hangouts™, Skype, Microsoft® Teams, GoToMeeting™, and more from anywhere on the network via the included NDI®|HX driver.

The NDI input supports audio and video up to 1080p at 60fps, and users can view a live feed from the PTZ310N or PTZ330N while communicating with each other in Zoom, for example. To start operating the camera, all that’s required is one click to select an NDI source from the network. Such functionality is ideal for customers who want to avoid long USB cable runs in large rooms.

Organizations of all kinds can easily decrease setup complexity and increase audio/video stability and flexibility in IP-based live productions with the PTZ310N’s and PTZ330N’s NDI® Virtual Input.

NDI® is a registered trademark of NewTek, Inc.
NDI®|HX is technology of NewTek, Inc.

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